'Chronic Pain: your key to recovery'

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3 Free Gifts To Help You Understand & Deal With
Chronic Pain
Thank you for purchasing my new book - Chronic Pain: your key to recovery.  As I thank you I would like to offer you some free gifts to help you on your own personal journey to recovery, or even to help you become more stress-resilient and maintining, or even improving, your own health and well-being in the future.
Your free gifts include:
  • The SIRPA Recovery Audio Recording
    The inspirational SIRPA™ Recovery audio recording provides a wealth of rich information to help you begin to understand how and why stress-induced conditions can occur. This audio will empower you to jump-start your recovery and then everything will be reinforced when you read the book, which also includes additional self-help information and tools.
  • Journaling for Health e-book
    This insightful e-book, also written by Georgie, will detail how therapeutic journaling can be used to aid you in your recovery from chronic symptoms through the acknowledgement of emotions related to past and current stresses. It will enable you to acknowledge any emotional memories successfully, subsequently enabling you to put things into perspective in order to allow you to move on with your life.

  • To Live & Let Go Visualisation
    An inspiring and soothing audio experience that encompasses the key ideologies of SIRPA™, helping you relax and take time out to concentrate on yourself, while empowering you to move on from past negative experiences.

  • PLUS Free Newsletter Subscription
    On top of all our other exciting free gifts, you will also be registered as a SIRPA™ subscriber and receive exclusive updates through our weekly newsletter. This will include a vareity of helpful tips and case studies to aid your progress to recovery and assist you through your journey to a pain-free life.
    N.B We respect your privacy and will not sell, share, or distribute your personal information to third parties, except as required by law.