SIRPA Conference Offer

Bring 3 friends or colleagues and receive an amazing gift worth £300!! 
On 15th October 2017 SIRPA will present the brightest minds in the field of Psychophysiological Medicine.

Bring 3 friends or colleagues and you'll receive the SIRPA Business Builder Programme for FREE. 

Bring 3 friends or colleagues to our 

2017 Conference and receive a fabulous
9 module 
Business Builder Course 
for FREE!

(worth £300)



SIRPA has teamed up with business coach, Olivia Stefanino, to bring you an
online programme providing you with the strategic and practical tools
to support you in building a thriving therapy business.

How will I benefit from this course?

 You will learn:
  • To understand your value & feel comfortable charging what you are worth.
  • How to create a target audience who love what you do.
  • Three ways to guarantee you'll have more clients than you can handle.
  • Why you shouldn't 'sell' to your clients and why you should 'influence' them.
  • How to write the adverts that sell and the articles that journalists love.
  • How to create a powerful and effective marketing advertising & PR strategy.
  • To establish yourself in your field by becoming a great speaker.
  • How to organise & promote successful workshops or seminars.
  • How to make money while you sleep by 'productising' your services.
We understand that building a successful therapy practice takes more than being a good therapist and requires a good sales and marketing strategy. Olivia's course helped me when I first started SIRPA and now it feels good to be able to 'Pay It Forward' and pass that knowledge on to you.
This is your opportunity to learn from Olivia's expertise which she gained from helping thousands of individuals across the world. The course contains 9 workbooks, breaking each topic down into easy to follow steps and giving you the opportunity to develop a thriving business. 

What do I have to do to be eligible
for this offer?

  1. Register your interest by inserting your email in the box above and click to SUBMIT
  2. Please ask your friends to let us know (at the time of booking) who has recommended they purchase a ticket
  3. At this time we will add their name to your registration
  4. Please confirm with us when you know that 3 of your friends or colleagues have booked their tickets and let us know their names so we can then match them up with our records
  5. You will receive an email once these names have been confirmed as being recommended by you and to confirm your eligibility to receive the Business Builder Course
  6. In the week after the conference, once we can confirm that all your guests attended, you will receive an email with the login details for your course
Olivia Stefanino
Former Principal of the Quantum Business School for Therapists, Olivia Stefanino is a coach, speaker and author of the book, 'Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!' and the audio programme, 'The Personal Enlightenment And Release (PEAR) Process'. Olivia has been interviewed on nearly 100 radio programmes, plus herself interviewed visionaries such as Richard Branson and her work has been described as, “inspiring, enlightening and life-changing".
 Once you and your guests have attended the conference, you will be issued with your FREE gift.
This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is non-exchangeable